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(N.) A place devoted to cultivating the imagination towards scientific, artistic, commercial or recreational, or spiritual ends. 

Welcome to the Imaginarium AI

Devoted to investigating the realities of AI and imagining  a future where humans and the natural world thrive

From customer service chatbots, to job applications processed through applicant tracking systems (ATS. ), and facial recognition technology used in airport security checkpoints, AI is rapidly changing our world.

New AI-powered technologies have the potential to make our cities greener, accelerate scientific discoveries, and liberate us from monotonous tasks; however, AI also brings the possibility of job displacement, automated discrimination, and increased corporate control.

Here you will find 

An Introduction to AI  (check out the introductory videos below) 

 The Imaginary Possible Podcast ( Expert Insights & Personal Stories about AI)

The AI Variety Show: Satirical Shorts on AI 

So What IS Artificial Intelligence ?

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Below are a few short videos explaining what AI is, how it's changing the world, why people are excited about AI's potentials and also scared about an AI's driven future.